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How Namirial Sign can improve your workflow

Namirial Sign allows you with a single tool to digitally sign, affix timestamps, verify and archive documents. It is a complete application that improves workflows.

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What is Data Fabric for corporate Data Management?

Companies need strategic data management approaches to guarantee data integrity, reliability and accessibility supporting decision-making processes. Data Fabric is the solution, an approach aiming to create centralized and secure data sources and facilitate cloud-based end-to-end data integration. Data Fabric overcomes traditional data management’s obstacles and offers advantages like high scalability, fast, easy and mobile-friendly access to real-time data and information and team collaboration improvement, especially for remote working environments, thus making a big step further to accelerate digital transformation.

EU Identity Wallet: the new political agreement

In June 2023 the most important European bodies welcomed a political agreement for a new legal framework on EU Digital Identity Wallet. This agreement reformulates the eIDAS Regulation by introducing innovation through a secure and convenient digital ID mobile app, allowing trustworthy access to public and private online services for EU citizens, residents and companies. The work for the EU Digital Identity Wallet is already unfolding thanks to the Europe’s Digital Decade programme, with the development of four large-scale pilot projects and a wide digitilisation plan to make the whole Europe move big steps further in the digital transformation.

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Data Lineage: guide to the best practices

Nowadays data represent the most precious resource for companies. In this context Data Lineage comes into play: it’s a data science discipline that traces the whole data life cycle to correctly use them and exploit their business value. Companies use DL tools to understand data through a comprehensive data visualisation, improving decision-making processes. The adoption of solid Data Lineage strategies within companies basically leads to better performances for key data-related and data-driven operations.

Electronic Data Interchange, the future of intercompany communication

Electronic Data Interchange technology eliminates the need to handle business documents on paper making it easier, faster and more secure for companies to perform documents management and exchange. By adopting the EDI system, companies can also play a key role in the whole process of digital transformation and leverage on sustainability and business growth by reducing the consumption of paper, focusing on relevant strategic activities and building solid and efficient partnerships. Electronic Data Interchange provides firms with key benefits such as speed, efficiency, accuracy and costs reduction.

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