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How Namirial Sign can improve your workflow

Namirial Sign allows you with a single tool to digitally sign, affix timestamps, verify and archive documents. It is a complete application that improves workflows.

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Climate change: can AI save us?

Artificial intelligence plays a key role handling and hindering climate change, supporting authorities and experts for relevant activities like weather forecast, disaster prevention and pollution tracking. But AI itself has its own environmental impact and generates a significant carbon footprint, requiring large amounts of energy and resources for hardwares production, softwares training and tasks processing. Can AI really save us from climate change?

AI avatars: features and applications

AI avatars are computer-generated 2D or 3D characters representing real individuals able to simulate human-like characteristics, behavior and interactions. AI avatars rely on a combination of AI-powered technologies technologies like natural language processing, machine learning, customization and speech recognition. AI avatars are significantly implemented in industries such as education, healthcare, customer service, accessibility, entertainment and digital development.

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Artificial Intelligence in HR: the applications for CV screening

Artificial Intelligence plays a key role in HR, changing how companies recruit candidates and screen CVs to match the requirements for a job position. The use of Artificial Intelligence tools in HR for CV screening allows companies to save time and resources, analyze larger amount of data and information and reduce subjectivism in evaluating candidates. The digital transformation will lead HR professionals to implement AI tools to streamline processes, whereas candidates will have to learn to write algorithm-proof CV to deal with the AI-based recruiting challenge.

What is the role of Digital Trust?

Digital Trust drives companies through digital transformation leveraging on security, transparency, reliability and user experience best practices. This key factor is managed by the Digital Trust Expert, who masters essential IT, security and innovation skills. Digital Trust aims creating a solid online reputation and building a strong credibility, caring about digital relationships with clients and the outer audience of consumers that could be potential future customers.

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