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The role of AI in cyber security

Cyber security is a serious issue to consider in digital transformation, as cyber attacks and threats are constantly growing in modern business and governmental environments that thrive over the Internet. AI-powered cyber security solutions can enhance the safety of an IT system.
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The latest cyber security threats you should watch out for

Cyber security is often haunted by dangerous threats, harmful actions aiming to damage, steal or disrupt data stored on databases and devices entailing major risks above all within companies. Cyber criminals master the ability to be up-to-date by learning how the latest systems and applications work and how to attack them breaking through defenses. This originates new dangerous cyber security threats companies should be aware of in order to keep private data and information safe and prevent serious damages for the systems, or even for the brand. Preventing cyber security threats to transform into real attacks and infections is not an easy task, as the key to succeed in the prevention is working together within the organisation to enhance knowledge and awareness of this phenomenon. Thus, it’s essential to learn and implement within the organisation some best practises to prevent the potential risks related to the latest cyber security threats used by cyber criminals to assault personal and business digital lives.
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What is spear phishing and why is different from common phishing?

Spear phishing is a dangerous kind of cyber crime that differs from classic phishing, as it aims to attack specific target personal data and information instead of attempting to “fish” a bunch of casual people’s data. Furthermore, to make it possible, cyber criminals mastering spear phishing attacks know how to use finest technologies to create proper communications which appear to look reliable and related to realistic issues of the target victim. Discover what are the main types of spear phishing attacks to be aware of, how to detect and fight it especially within businesses.
The difference between Cyber Resilience and Cyber Security

The difference between Cyber Resilience and Cyber Security

Investing in cyber resilience and cyber security is key to remain safe and steady. Although both terms refer to IT security, cyber security is the set of technologies and actions to mitigate risks, while cyber resilience is the organization's ability to react to threats and attacks.
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All about the risk of personal data breach

A data breach occurs when a company is responsible for people’s personal data and suffers a security problem resulting in a violation in terms of confidentiality, availability or integrity.
Main elements of risk management and the role of the risk manager

Main elements of risk management and the role of the risk manager

Risk Management is the discipline dealing with the management of all the possible risks that can have an impact on the company’s activities. It is useful for different areas: from finance to asset management, up to security management.
Gaia-X, Europe's cloud project

Gaia-X, Europe’s cloud project

The goal of the Gaia-X project is to create a common European digital cloud ecosystem in which transparency, auditability, portability and interoperability between data and services are in force.

What is network security and why is it important for businesses

Network security is the set of preventive measures, both hardware and software, to protect the corporate network from unauthorized access, malfunction, modification, misuse, destruction or data breach.
What are the main cybersecurity threats for the year 2023?

What are the main cybersecurity threats for the year 2023?

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, and in 2023 we will see old hacking techniques improved but also some new ones
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The most frequent cyber threats (and some tips to defend yourself)

From ransomware to phishing, from data breach to IoT vulnerabilities, many are the cyber threats company must be aware of.