The benefits of digital onboarding for the acquisition of new customers

The benefits of digital onboarding for the acquisition of new customers

What is digital onboarding?

In recent years, expectations related to the digital accessibility of products and services have increased. For this reason, companies in every sector today should have an efficient digital onboarding system to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded and dynamic market.

What is digital onboarding? The term refers to the process of acquiring new customers, who can access, quickly and easily, all the services and products of a company with the same guarantees and security as face-to-face. This is possible thanks to cutting-edge technologies, such as biometric recognition. Hence, digital onboarding is a digital procedure for welcoming new customers. It can be done remotely through an easy, secure and reliable identity identification and certification system.

The concept of onboarding is well known in the field of Human Resources and talent management, where it takes the name of Corporate Onboarding. However, this term is widely used in any area (B2C, B2B, financial sector, etc.) in which an organization must incorporate a person into its structure, as a customer or employee.

Before the digital age, identity verification took place using the classic valid identification document and the customer had to go in person to the company offices. Furthermore, it was necessary to make photocopies of the documents whose management and conservation required a considerable use of economic resources and time. In addition, in the event that some information was missing, it was necessary to start over again, with the risk of losing the customer.

Technology has transformed the old, boring and unintuitive onboarding model, which involved long procedures and approval stages, into an agile, simple, automated and error-free system, secure and in compliance with digital identity regulations.

In the era of the digital revolution, given the current market demands and new consumer needs, companies that do not implement a well-structured digital onboarding process are exposed to the loss of customers or the difficulty of attracting talent.

What are the benefits of digital onboarding for companies?

An effective Digital onboarding strategy puts the customer at the center, offering them a perfect Customer Experience and allowing them to choose the method, channel or device with which to carry out identity recognition.

It is important to give the digital onboarding process the importance it deserves within the customer journey, avoiding redirecting the user to physical channels, and considering the use of the electronic signature instead of the traditional handwritten signature.

Let’s see what are the main benefits of Digital onboarding for companies:

  • Liveness detection, i.e. the ability of a system to detect whether the face, fingerprint or other biometric features are real or artifacts, and face match, i.e. facial recognition for a faster and more accurate data verification process;
  • Automated data entry with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that drastically reduce the possibility of error;
  • Reduction of onboarding costs thanks to the simplification of processes; time reduction, from weeks to minutes, thanks to rapid acquisition, extraction, verification and approval of data;
  • Quick and easy interactions that relieve customer anxieties, increasing the level of transparency and trust;
  • Expansion into other markets thanks to new channels that do not require the presence of a physical company headquarters;
  • Digital onboarding can be done by anyone with an electronic device with Internet access and an integrated camera or webcam.

Digital onboarding: digital identity and Namirial

Companies need a valid authentication and identification tool to be integrated into the digital onboarding process to streamline customer recognition procedures and make them more secure.

Namirial is an accredited Identity Provider for issuing digital identity quickly and easily.

Among the solutions, is Namirial ID. Namirial ID is a set of credentials -username, password and any OTP- generated by Namirial that allow the user to access the services of those Public Administrations and companies that are carrying out their digital transformation.

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