5 useful tools for corporate digitalization

5 useful tools for corporate digitalization

Business digitization: what is it and why is it important for business success?

In a technological world, corporate digitalization represents a challenge that businesses must face if they want to remain competitive.

What does corporate digitalization mean? Corporate digitalization is a transformation process that involves all areas and levels of a company. It requires careful planning at a strategic level and consists in the implementation of tools and technologies to make workflows more efficient. In other words, the digital transformation of a company depends on the ability to exploit the opportunities behind new technologies to automate activities and optimize business processes.

However, corporate digitalization is not just about the use of new technologies and document dematerialization. It also implies new participatory methods, and open and shared workspaces, even remotely. Think about videoconferencing meetings, chatbots for customer support, or social media interactions that influence the Brand Experience.

The corporate digitization process calls into question the old operating models. It is a technological, cultural and social change that creates new connections between people, places and things. It encourages transparency, sharing and inclusion in the entire corporate ecosystem.

In such a context, it is essential to develop a Digital Mindset, that is a mentality open to change and capable of seizing the opportunities offered by digital transformation in order to improve business results.

Here’s how you can improve your Digital Mindset:

  • Be curious about digital tools and keep up to date;
  • Accept and face the challenges of digital transformation with a positive and proactive attitude;
  • Use technologies to improve work and achieve goals.

What are the benefits of business digitization?

Digital transformation is changing the world, the way we interact and companies, which must embrace digital transformation to improve business management and organization.

Let’s see the main advantages of the business digitization process:

  • Saving of space, time and resources.
    Document dematerialization, computerization and Cloud Computing reduce the use of paper and printers. This results in an economic and space saving, but also in a reduction of environmental pollution. In addition, the use of new technologies, combined with the updating of skills and knowledge, favors production optimization and the possibility of entering new markets;
  • Safety.
    New digital technologies make it possible to securely store data. Furthermore, cloud backups avoid the risk of losing information important for business management;
  • More effective communication.
    Corporate digitalization simplifies the exchange of information between team members, allows corporate values ​​to be communicated in different ways, and increases the visibility of products and services. In a mobile, social-based and multichannel society, companies can now offer an increasingly personalized Customer Experience. Moreover, they acquire authority.

5 tools for corporate digitalization

Digitizing a company requires the use of digital technologies to reduce costs, share information quickly and easily, even remotely, and streamline workflows by automating activities.

Let’s see five indispensable tools for business digitization:

  1. Website
    It is an essential digital marketing tool that allows the company to connect with current and potential customers. A website, together with a good Social Network management strategy, strengthens the Brand Identity and can be the main means to promote and sell products and services;
  1. Document Management System (DMS)
    It is the set of software solutions that make it easier and faster to manage, organize, share and archive files, ensuring access to documents from any device. Document management software improves the productivity and competitiveness of a company. Furthermore, it increases the quality of work, makes the exchange of information and documents more fluid, with a consequent saving of time;
  1. Certified email
    In countries where it is required, certified email is a fast, cheap and secure communication tool that allows to send emails with the same legal value as a traditional registered letter. Thanks to the security protocols, certified mail guarantees the certainty of the content. In fact, during the transmission between sender and recipient, no modification to the message or to any attachments is possible;
  1. Electronic signature and time stamp
    The electronic signature allows to sign any document in a few seconds (for example: contracts, financial statements, administrative deeds, company records, invoices, etc.) directly from a PC or smartphone. It guarantees the authenticity, non-repudiation and integrity of the message. On the other hand, the time stamp is a service from an accredited Certifier, called Time Stamp Authority (TSA), which associates certain and legally valid date and time to a digital document;
  1. Cyber ​​Security
    The term Cyber ​​Security indicates the resilience, robustness and reactivity of a technology when dealing with cyber attacks. Cyber attacks can affect companies, individuals, and government organizations. For companies it is essential to secure their information assets and use Cyber ​​Security tools to defend against cyber attacks.

Namirial solutions for corporate digitalization

Namirial is an authorized trust service provider and offers several solutions for business digitization:

  1. Namirial document management
    It is the document management platform to manage all your files. It supports innovation in document processes and communication flow by transforming data into useful and shareable information. This information allows you to optimize document-related workflows. You can acquire documents in any format, and archive emails and faxes for perfect traceability, eliminating the risk of loss and improving organizational efficiency.
  1. Certified company e-mail
    With Namirial you can activate your certified company email online in a few minutes.
  1. Electronic signature
    You can sign digital documents quickly, easily and with maximum security. You can activate the Namirial electronic signature online and in a few minutes, 24/7.
  1. Time stamps
    It associates a legally valid time and date to a digital document. In this way, you can prove the existence of the document from the time of affixing the time stamp. Time stamps are available in different packages:
    – 100 time stamps: € 23 + VAT;
    – 500 time stamps: 90 € + VAT;
    – 1,000 time stamps: 160 € + VAT;
    – 5,000 time stamps: € 750 + VAT
  1. Cyber Security
    Namirial offers an innovative web platform for cybersecurity, which provides an analysis of the vulnerabilities of the IT infrastructure, data breach, malware and deep web. The analysis allows you to reduce the risk deriving from cyber attacks in a quick and timely manner, before attackers can exploit vulnerabilities. It scans the cyber threats to which the company is exposed. In this way, you can correctly assess the risk and activate the appropriate countermeasures. The platform does not require the installation of any software. In addition, it allows companies to comply with the general data protection regulation of the European Union (GDPR).

Discover all Namirial’s tool for corporate digitalization.

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