Benefits of eSignAnyWhere Namirial

Electronically sign each contract. Even from home

Electronic signatures, or e-signatures, are a way to sign legally binding electronic documents or contracts online without printing paper or picking up a pen. It enables signatories to approve or agree with the terms of a document, just like with wet signatures.

The electronic signatures are more convenient than a traditional signature, saving time and costs as it can be done remotely, it can replace a handwritten signature in virtually any process. In basic terms, an electronic signature is just a signature in electronic form. An electronic signature is essentially a process that uses computers to authenticate the signatory and certify the integrity of the document.

Digital signatures are a type of electronic signature that use complex algorithms, certificate authorities (CAs) and trust service providers (TSPs) to authenticate the sign owner along with the integrity of the document.

What is eSignAnywhere Namirial

eSignAnyWhere is the Namirial Advanced Electronic Signature platform that allows you to quickly manage all your commercial activities and electronically sign each document in a legally binding manner.
With its user friendly interface, you can prepare your documents with Document Designer and the plugin that connects the platform to your Microsoft Office Suite. And you can also integrate eSignAnyWhere via API to your business systems.
eSignAnywhere allows customers to manage the entire signing process in a simple and secure way.
Easy to use and intuitive, you can choose between different types of signature, such as the “one-click signature”, the “Two-Factor Authentication Signature”, the “Graphometric Signature” and many others.
You can also automate repetitive tasks and mass sending to multiple recipients.

Why eSignAnywhere Namirial

Because is the simplest solution for contract and document management, the reasons can be different and several, here we describe some of the main features:

  • it’s an easy and ready to use platform that can power up the company onboarding workflow;
  • organizations using eSawAnyWhere solutions have smoothed their customer onboarding and contracting processes, reduced acquisition costs, increased goal achievement, and significantly improved customer satisfaction;
  • less time and work with a more performing flow this is true for the senders, customers, business partners and employees who can all legally sign anytime, anywhere using a device;

eSignAnywhere Namirial is official, safe and legal. Namirial operates as a certified and qualified trust service provider (QTSP) according to EU regulation 910/2014 eIDAS. In addition, Namirial issues digital certificates that allows to create qualified or advanced electronic signatures, supporting both in-person transactions and remote signature scenarios. The platform allows a fast integration, it easily integrates into any organization, architecture or use case. It’s possible to start with Namirial cloud service and then upgrade to the private corporate network or integrate it with the company software. Namirial unified platform makes it easy to migrate between different services and use cases.

Furthermore eSignAnyWhere is the first multi-channel Customer Engagement solution based on WebRTC technology, designed to manage any sales process or CRM on digital channels, with the same validity and usability as in person, and to allow the subscription of legal documents in a chat box system.

The solution, easy to integrate into any legal environment, includes multi-channel engagement with video and text chat, video CRM, live video identification, signature and electronic payments, all integrated in a single chat box.

LiveID & eSignAnyWhere will allow companies in any sector to simplify the execution of their business operations by transforming slow, complex, expensive processes, carried out manually with the use of paper, into digital, rapid, agile and flexible processes. The solution can be adopted on SaaS, private cloud or on-premises.

eSignAnywhere Namirial is combined with the server platform SIGNificant, combined and together they offer very performing and cutting edge workflow capabilities, as a matter of fact users of Namirial eSignAnyWhere can:

  • Create envelopes containing one or more PDF documents to be signed in a transaction;
  • Upload PDF documents from local devices;
  • Add form fields to enter free text, radio buttons, checkboxes;
  • Add signature fields according to ISO standard;
  • Enable signers to upload attachments (files which might be required to support a transaction);
  • Orchestrate their signing processes: sending signing request to one or more signers (sequentially or in parallel);
  • Setting reminders for signers and receive notifications on signing progress and having signed document(s) and audit trail sent to signers into their email inboxes;
  • Create templates for frequently used documents types – e.g. non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or standard contracts;
  • Monitor signature acquisition progress in a real-time dashboard;
  • And other many features.

Signatories are enabled to review, fill and sign documents from anywhere anytime on any device. They do not require to open an account with Namirial. They will be authenticated using their email address (and optionally additional authentication methods) and, if available, their local digital certificates are enabled to sign in typing their name or pasting their signature as an image into the document. Signatories may also delegate signing requests in case they are not entitled to sign a particular document.

Namirial eSignAnyWhere is delivering complete evidence of a legally binding digital transaction. Any interaction is looplessly documented in an audit trail file: Who was signing which version of a document at which point in time. eSignAnyWhere can be integrated in enterprise business applications via its REST API and callback (webhook) mechanism.

The platform is available as On-Premise deployment option, as Private SaaS or as Shared SaaS offering.
Thanks to LiveID & eSignAnyWhere, Customer on-boarding and Know Your Customer processes will be able to take place completely digitally, with the ability to verify the user’s identity via video chat and to sign online contracts with full legal value.

eSignAnywhere Namirial and Smartworking

Employees and customers of over 1000 organizations in more than 30 countries have signed hundreds of thousands of electronic documents digitally in the past months using the Namirial Smart Working service.

Since mid-March 2020, Namirial has been supporting Smart Working initiatives around the world in response to COVID-19 with an offer to support those who work from home to get their documents signed as quickly as possible.
The free electronic signature service has become very popular in private organizations and public services. It supports businesses of all sizes and local and regional governments that support public services. Users are signing all kinds of agreements electronically from anywhere, anytime on any device: contracts, approvals, business contracts, employment contracts, new hiring practices, nondisclosure (NDA), offer letters, asset purchases, contractor assignments, data processing, purchase orders and much more.

Namirial signature flow platform allows you to send documents for signature anywhere and anytime, in fact eSignAnyWhere’s specially customized Smart Working service contains a broad set of features including submitting documents for signature, preparing basic templates and workflow capabilities.
Namirial eSignAnyWhere Smart Working Service users are be able to:

  • Upload pdf documents from their desktop systems
  • Add fields for text entry, multiple choice options, checkmarks and of course electronic signatures
  • Enable signers to upload attachments (files that may be needed to support the transaction)
  • Send signature requests to one or more recipients in sequence or in parallel, set up reminders for signers, receive notifications about signing processes and receive a trace of signed documents in their mailbox

The signers are authenticated using their e-mail inbox, and if available also through their local digital certificates. They thus become enabled to sign by typing their name and electronically inserting their signature within the document in image format. All with evidence (a report) relating to the entire signature process that is delivered via email, with various information on the signer, date and time of signature etc … The signatories can also delegate the signature request, in case they do not have the necessary permissions to sign a specific document.

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