How Namirial Sign can improve your workflow

How Namirial Sign can improve your workflow

One of the benefits of digital transformation of companies is the streamlining of workflows. In fact, digitization makes it easier to communicate and exchange documents, both within the company and with customers and partners. It also speeds up onboarding processes, and improves document management. All of this leads to reduced costs and timelines, improved productivity, and better customer experience.

What is a workflow? A workflow is a set of instructions that define how work should be executed and completed. It explains what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and in what order. Workflows can range from simple processes like data entry to more complex workflows like customer onboarding. In other words, they help ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and on time.

Main problems with workflow

Sometimes workflows can be difficult to manage, especially when they are spread out across different departments and locations. Here are some of the main workflow problems company may face and how digitalization can help solve them:

  1. Communication Issues: One of the main problems with workflows is that communication between departments can be difficult. This can lead to misunderstandings and delays in tasks being completed on time. Digitalization can help by allowing different departments to communicate quickly and efficiently through instant messaging and other digital tools.
  2. Burdensome Documentation: Another problem with workflows is that the amount of paperwork and documentation required can be cumbersome. Digitalization can help to reduce this burden by allowing workflows to be documented and managed electronically. This will save time and allow for quicker access to documents needed for tasks.
  3. Project Management Challenges: Managing projects across departments can also be difficult due to limited visibility and access. Digitalization can help to streamline project management by allowing different departments to work together in a single digital space, making it easier to track progress and stay up-to-date on tasks.
  4. Inconsistent Processes: Workflows with inconsistent processes can be difficult to manage as well. By using digital workflows, companies can ensure that processes are followed consistently across departments. This will help to reduce confusion and make workflows more efficient.
  5. Lack of Visibility: Finally, workflows can lack visibility due to the fact that they are spread out across multiple departments and locations. Digital workflows allow for increased visibility by providing data-driven insights into workflows and helping managers keep track of progress.

Useful tools for better workflows: Namirial Sign

Achieving the results seen above requires having the right tools: digital signatures, time stamps, authentication systems, digital identities, management software, and so on. One of these tools is Namirial Sign.

Namirial Sign allows you to digitally sign, affix time stamps, verify and archive documents with just a single tool. Besides being a complete application, it is also flexible, as it can be used on any device and even offline. Moreover, many of its features are available for free and you can upgrade to the Premium version only if necessary.

With Namirial Sign you can:

  • Digitally sign files in any format (PadES, CadES, XadES),
  • Place time stamps,
  • Check the validity of digitally signed files,
  • Use physical signing devices or remote signing,
  • Securely share any file,
  • Activate cloud storage or regulatory retention,
  • View and edit PDF files,
  • Apply an electronic seal or automatic signature,
  • Convert and merge multiple files into PDF format,
  • Subscribe to multiple signature fields in one way,
  • Encrypt and decrypt any file,
  • Have access to Cloud Namirial (5GB included), and more.

How Namirial Sign can improve workflows:

  • Namirial Sign can help to improve workflows by allowing teams to access documents from anywhere at any time, reducing paperwork, providing visibility into progress, reducing the time needed for tasks to be completed. This allows employees to get more done in less time, making them more productive.
  • The digital signature solution allows documents to be signed electronically and securely in a few simple steps.
  • It also provides data-driven insights into workflows, helping managers track progress, identify bottlenecks, and reduce delays in projects.
  • Namirial Sign can help reduce communication issues by providing instant messaging support for teams.
  • It also offers a secure environment for documents and data, with encryption and authentication systems to protect against unauthorized access. This will ensure that sensitive information remains safe and secure.
  • By eliminating the need for paper and other physical documents, as well as reducing the time needed for tasks, Namirial Sign helps save money and stay on budget.

Learn more about this tool and how it can improve your workflow. Visit Namirial Sign web page.

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